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Acoustic insulation in windows



Did you know that our new minimalist windows have 90% glass surface? We reduce the profiling to a minimum.
Now, the luminosity brings a new life to the space.

STRUGAL has systems that allow a large glazing surface, with very discreet finishes that favor the entry of natural light and perfect visibility from the outside. This type of carpentry provides numerous advantages on an aesthetic and energetic level, enhancing the beauty of the views, creating visually clearer spaces and allowing rooms to be filled with light.

Let the landscape be the protagonist of the decoration and that the exterior be integrated into your home.

Energy efficiency in windows



Did you know that most of the energy cost goes to air conditioning and heating? With windows with good thermal insulation you can save up to 70% on your electricity bill.
Imagine that nothing that happens outside will affect you inside...

Our wide range of aluminum and PVC systems offer the highest performance against climatic conditions, since they reduce heat transmission and help prevent the phenomenon of condensation.

The thermal insulation of a house is the capacity that it has to retain the heat (in winter) or the cold (in summer) that we generate through heating and/or cooling systems. The enclosure of the house is a fundamental component of this thermal insulation capacity where the window acquires a fundamental role.

Atmospheric agents on windows



Did you know that our windows reduce outside noise by up to 46 dB?
What if isolating yourself from the world was as simple as closing your eyes?

One of the key aspects when choosing a carpentry system is the acoustic insulation it offers.

STRUGAL has high-performance carpentry systems that can reduce noise from outside by up to 46 decibels, depending on the glass, guaranteeing comfort and well-being inside the home.

A deficient system in this sense can cause many problems, especially in large urban centers and in areas highly exposed to traffic.

Energy efficiency in windows



Did you know that windows are the weak security point of a home? They are used as the main access to your home above the doors.
Because there are aspects where you don't play it.

The current STRUGAL systems are designed to better resist burglary attempts in your home. We know that this point is one of the most important for you, and that is why it is also important for us.

We increase the security of your home thanks to the choice of new, more resistant glass, more solid profiles, sophisticated multi-point locking systems and security perimeter fittings.

Atmospheric agents on windows



Did you know that our materials are highly recyclable and reusable? This is how we build a more sustainable company. And besides, we help many families to save.
We take care of our environment. And out of your pocket!

At STRUGAL we are committed to the environment, sustainability and energy efficiency. In this sense, windows and doors are key points in a building, and for this reason we have developed a wide range of solutions to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

The use of our aluminum systems with thermal break or PVC ensures a high level of tightness, and combining them with our Solar Protection Systems, guarantees the conservation of heat in winter and cold in summer.

Enjoy significant energy savings while taking care of your pocket.