The system that reinforces the acoustic and solar protection allowing the ventilation of the enclosures.

The installation of the STRUGAL Fixed Trellis is easy and simple as it integrates perfectly into the structure. Its extruded aluminum slats provide greater solar and acoustic insulation.

 The STRUGAL Fixed Louvre is a sun protection system that provides perfect visual coverage. It consists of a framework of 100 mm extruded aluminum slats and extruded aluminum supports.
 It is a system that is easy to install, perfectly integrated into a structure, and creates a functional style in modern architecture, also providing perfect ventilation to the enclosures.
 Aesthetic option with slats with straight lines or curved lines.
 50x12 mm decorative lattice option with aluminum brackets with concealed screw fixing.
Technical features
Fixed Lattice Decorative Lattice
A: 200 mm B: 1500 mm
··· Distance between axis Distance between slats
Step 3 60 mm 29,5 mm
Step 2 50 mm 19,5 mm
Step 1 40 mm 9,5 mm
Step 0 30 mm 0 mm
Step -1 20 mm -9,5 mm
Step -2 10 mm -19,5 mm