Avant-garde system for sliding windows and doors with an even more minimalist aesthetic thanks to a section of the central knot of only 25 mm and its hidden horizontal leaf profiles. In addition, its versatile nature allows for different configurations and options for side panels and closure systems.

Its functionality makes it possible to adapt to large and small gaps, conquering and unifying all the spaces of your project.

137 mm frames with the possibility of miter cut, straight cut and hidden drainage.
Minimalist aesthetics with a central knot of only 25 mm and hidden horizontal blade profiles.
Possibility to hide the frames in the work.
Diversity of side panels with multi-point closures and key lock, reduced side panels with hidden handles and completely hidden side panels.
Sistema de cierre con tirador integrado que permite el cruce de hojas y el accionamiento desde el exterior.
Closure option in the central knot.
Completely hidden trolleys with stainless steel wheels that allow their replacement and avoid thermal bridges.
Possibility of birail, trirail, galandage solutions and meeting of leaves in corners and corner at 90º without vertical mullions.
Maximum thermal and acoustic performance with 32 mm thick safety glazing.
Performance characteristics
Air permeability
Wind resistance
Rw ≤ 42 dB
Thermal transmittance
Uw ≥ 1,3 W/m2K

Maximum thickness 32 mm

Maximum weight per sash

Ref RO140: 200 kg
Ref RO140R: 300kg

Technical features

Maximum Dimensions

Ref RO140:
- Sash width (L) = 2200 mm
- Sash eight (H) = 3000 mm
- Surface max. sheet = 6,5 m2

Maximum Dimensions

Ref RO140R:
- Sash width (L) = 2600 mm
- Sash eight (H) = 3200 mm
- Surface max. sheet = 7,5 m2

Maximum Dimensions

- Sash width (L) = 500 mm
- Sash eight (H) = 650 mm