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Management software

We provide our clients with management software that allows them to manage their orders more completely, quickly and comfortably.

 Cloud application, does not need any installation.
 Updated in real time.
 Accessible from various devices with internet connection.
 A single database for several users of the same company.
 Visibility of profiles, fittings and systems from the application.
 Daily automatic backups.

Access our Strugal Management Software.

Strugal Management

Access our PVC Budgeting Software

Nazan PVC
A solution for every idea

The objective of the STRUGAL commercial network is to always be at the side of our clients, advising them and providing all the information and material they require to carry out their projects.

Individualized attention

We offer an individualized service for technical and regulatory queries from installers, architects and developers.

 Resolution of details and meetings on site.
 Calculation of aluminum system structures.
 CTE Counseling.
 CE Marking.