The perfect window

Choosing the right window in a new home or in a reform project is a task that requires having extensive knowledge about the needs we have and the benefits that the product in question must meet.

Design unites us

Combining aesthetics and functionality is a challenge that we share. At STRUGAL we know the importance of details, lines, and the underlying concepts behind each shape.

Making a concept tangible has never been easy. For this reason, we have a multidisciplinary work team that allows us to combine innovation, technology and creativity in the design and development of each of our solutions and systems.

Behind each of our products there is a whole research process, a challenge to solve, an idea, a solution so that your projects materialize in habitable spaces of high aesthetic value.

A solution for every idea

We analyze the needs of the most contemporary architecture to achieve excellence.

We work with our sights set on the highest quality standards and on obtaining the highest performance for each window, each façade and each enclosure.

Always at the forefront of our sector, we work with a wide range of products and finishes designed to integrate perfectly into all kinds of architectural projects.

Personalized design

STRUGAL windows are available, in addition to being lacquered in white, in a wide range of wood textures and colors in continuous development.

The expansion of wood textures and colors is done by covering the base profile with a heat-sealable foil highly resistant to solar radiation, thus guaranteeing a perfect and long-lasting finish. It also has a multitude of closures for both hinged and sliding windows, which will surely meet your needs.