Aluminum doors

Aluminum doors.

Aluminum doors

More resistant. More customizable. More useful..

At STRUGAL we are pioneers in the manufacture of aluminum doors, offering a wide selection of interior and exterior doors and cabinet fronts.

Thanks to a wide variety of designs and customization possibilities, our doors are the ideal alternative to traditional wooden doors, since they allow doors and windows to be unified in color, as well as solving the usual problems of both humidity and termites and other insects that the wood raises.

Our catalog of doors presents proposals based on innovation and design, offering effective, durable and decorative solutions, in line with architecture and interior design trends, with the possibility of adapting to different styles.

Our aluminum doors have outstanding advantages over traditional wooden doors.:

  • They are immune to moisture and woodworm.
  • They are designed both to provide solutions in rehabilitation and in new construction.
  • They allow a totally personalized design.
  • They are easily cleaned.
  • Flashing is very easy to remove and put on when painting.
  • They are more resistant to the passage of time. They do not spoil or decompose.
Aluminum doors
Aluminum doors.
A world of possibilities