Finished aluminum windows


Light in windowsLIGHT

Thanks to the slimmest insulating profiles in the market, the supply of natural light is notably increased.

window comfortCOMFORT

Good insulation in your profiling ensures permanent thermal comfort in the house.

La ventana perfecta
break in windowsRESTING

Appropriate glazing reduces acoustic contamination up to 46 dB.

window securitySAFETY

Our perimeter iron fittings and safety glasses reduce to the minimum the possibility of burglary.

savings on windowsSAVING

Choosing a STRUGAL window results in energy saving.

Soft, light and with endless applications. Aluminum represents the metal of the future in enclosures for everything type of houses. Its excellent properties make it a particularly suitable material for construction: Their strength, durability, malleability and resistance to corrosion provide windows with great advantages in the manufacturing and a long service life.

The aesthetic possibilities are infinite and permanent over time: anodized, mechanical treatments, lacquered to color, lacquered imitation wood... you choose!

Aluminum is also 100% recyclable and has a sustainable life cycle from start to finish. Why generate comfortable environments while taking care of our environment is possible.