This chemical oxidation process is based on the electrolysis that takes place on the surface of the profiles. A layer of aluminum oxide is formed by immersing the aluminum profiles in a sulfuric acid bath, to which an electric current between the aluminum (the anode) and the cathode is subjected for a certain time. This anodic layer hardens the surface, makes it more resistant to abrasion and improves the resistance of aluminum to corrosion and gives it a decorative appearance through a wide range of colours, which makes it an ideal solution for multiple applications, both for its excellent physical and decorative qualities.

Through its 3 anodizing plants, STRUGAL offers a wide range of colors and finishing possibilities: matt, glossy, grated, polished, etc.

With anodizing, multiple advantages are achieved:

 Increase resistance to corrosion.

 Increase abrasion resistance.

 Increase wear resistance.

 Improve protection prior to lacquering.

 Decorative finish.

 Improve electrical insulation.

 Repel dirt and dust.

Our anodizing process has the QUALANOD quality seal.

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