STRUGAL Production Centers
Always close to our customers and prescribers, with the support of 8 state-of-the-art Production Centers strategically located to provide a comprehensive service.
 More than 175,000 m2 at your service.
 26,000 t of Aluminum Profiles.
 1,000,000 m2 of Composite Panel. 
 80 million pieces of accessories.
 50 million meters of polyamides.
 40 million meters of joints. 
 90,000 PVC units.   

 More than 20 of our own Distribution Centers strategically located, allow us to be close to our customers and offer them the best service. A wide commercial network at your service that spans the national and international markets.
Production Capacities


 5 extrusion presses.
 42,000 t of aluminum profiles.
 7 lacquer plants.
 2 anodizing plants.
 3 plants for sublimation on wood.
 2 composite panel machining plants.
 2 machining centers for aluminum.
 5 profile assembly lines with R.P.T
 Smart logistics center for 3,000 t.
 3 precision cutting centers.
 Custom packaging.


 Accessories manufacturing plant.
 80,000,000 meters of polyamides and plastic profiles per year.
 5 lines of extrusion and coextrusion of vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic gaskets.
 180,000 meters of daily production joints.
 1,000,000 m2 of composite panel per year.
 Plant for the design and manufacture of PVC (rigid and flexible) and ABS profiles.
 Composite panel factory.
Quality Certificates