New Exclusiva STRUGAL Handle

Manilla Exclusiva STRUGAL


- Exclusive design with flat aesthetics.

- Attractive and innovative discreet design

- Robustness, safety and comfort of use in the opening and closing, filfilling the basic needs of utility, hergonomics and smoothness in maneuvers of use.

- Hidden mechanism without escutcheon, this handle has been designed without unnecessary elements so that only the handle is exposed.

- Avaible for windows and doors.

It assembly is quick easy. It is installed directly on the window with a simple “click” so that the window can be transported without a handle

A fully customizable accesories.

Avaible for the full range of RAL finishes. Customizing a window has never been easier.

Dimensions: 33.5 x 46.4 x 139.4 mm.

It allows to opérate tilt & turn windows up to 150 kg

It allows the three opening positions:

Hinged opening position. 90º | Tilt & turn opening position. 180º | Initial / closed position. 0º