Extrusion and production plants Strugal are among the most modern in Europe and Africa with access to top technology and equipment with high capacities to achieve high efficiency, reliable deliveries and consistent quality.

The extrusion process consists of introducing the metal in to a recipient and fitting a die to one of the ends for the required section to be produced. At the other end, pressure is applied by way of a push rod that allows the metal to flow through the die hole and create a profile shape. The speed of the extrusion press depends on the alloy and the geometrical complexity of the profile.

  • Extrusión according to standards EN 755-9 and EN 12020 all alloys series 6000 (Al+Mg+Si) under certification ISO 9OO1.
    • EN AW 6060
    • EN AW 6063
    • EN AW 6463
    • EN AW 6005
    • EN AW 6082
    • EN AW 6061
    • EN AW 6106
  • Thermal treatment T4, T5, T6 and T66 according to standard EN 755-2
  • - 20.000 dies

extrusión de perfiles de aluminio


tamaño de la prensa extrusión
  • Maximum length: 14 meters
  • Maximum weight: 35 kg/meter
  • Minimum weight: 40 gr/meter

Quality Certificates

certificado ISO 9001
certificado qualicoat
certificado qualanod