We look after your environment

Aluminium and recycling. 100% recyclable.

At STRUGAL a strict environmental policy is pursued, along with the lines of our Corporate Social Responsibility. Therefore, we recycle and work with sustainable raw materials.

From the technical(feasibility) and economical (profitability) point of view, nearly all aluminium products can be repeatedly recycled in order to manufacture new products, without losing neither its quality nor its properties. The use of recycled metals saves energy and preserves natural resources. In fact, the increasing use of recycled aluminium has granted it the acknowledgement as “green metal”.

Our production centres have their own purifying plants to ensure the minimum environmental impact of the waste waters generated during the lacquering and anodizing processes.

Energy saving and the use of sustainable materials are targets of the utmost importance in our company. Therefore, we collaborate with architecture studies offering technical support in projects to guarantee their compliance with the TBC (Technical Building Code). The adequate use of the STRUGAL series fitted with Thermal Break Bridge contribute to a maximum energy efficiency in our buildings.

Strugal Aluminium looks after your environment