Strugal S160RP Horizon

  • Ventana minimalista Strugal S160RP Horizon

Strugal S160RP Horizon

Strugal S160RP Horizon, a minimalist aesthetics system for large architectural spaces

In the minimalist range, Strugal S160RP Horizon provides a clear view and total brilliance for large spaces up to 4 m high .Its thermal and acoustic properties provide high comfort values.

The system has been designed with a central door leaf of only 27 mm fitted of lateral trim cap an integrated locking system with minimalist handles and the possibility of hidden leaves. Also, it has reduced leaves with only 10 mm of seen section. Thanks to its straight cut leaves, the manufacturing is very simple, as barely requires mechanizing.

Strugal S160RP Horizon is the ideal solution for large glazed surfaces offering high levels of comfort and insulation Please see the adjacent catalogue, technical data and manufacturing instructions in our website: