External doors with thermal bridge break (RPT)

  • Strugal Puerta Exterior con LED


Open the doors to innovation.
Frames with thermal bridge break Skirting board with LED.

STRUGAL aluminium doors are designed to offer high performance on multiple levels. From its high level of anti-theft security, to its immunity against bacteria, micoorganisms or woodworm. Its durability and resistance are beyond doubt.

Now, in addition, we have increased the insultion capacity of our exterior doors, thanks to the inclusion of thermal break (RPT).

Enjoy a home more protected against thermal differences, air and water.

The exterior doors with thermal break are available in two-color and two-model finishes.

Frame with RPT.Marco con RPT

Aluminium frames with thermal break ensure greater-thermal protection.

Posibility of solera profile with RPTPerfil solera con RPT

The thermally broken sill profile improves the water tightness and air permeability of the door.

Furthermore, its minimum thickness does not constitute an architectural barrier.

Aluminium skirting

STRUGAL aluminium skirting boards are the great alternative to wooden skirting boards and are resistant to moisture and contact with water.

Simple to install, they are placed by means of two profiles clipped together and screwed by one of them to the wall, which facilitares assembly and disassembly

They have multiple finishes and are avaliable in a version with LED.


Flush encounters between flashing and baseboard.

Homogeneity of finishes.

Flashing width: 45 - 70 - 90 mm .

Removable skirting.

This skirting board is made up of two profiles clipped together. This facilitates assembly and disassembly fot both simple LED and skirting.

Skirting with LED.

Designed with an LED strip inside, thus achieving indirect lighting for decorative or signaling pruposes.