Strugal Compact

Strugal Compact

Our production line is expanded to compact systems and mosquito nets, manufactured in accordance with current market requirements.

The new series of box cover STRUGAL COMPACT makes a difference to the ratings obtained in the test benches. Maximum thermal and acoustic insulation making it one of the more advanced boxes coveron the market thanks to its innovative design and quality of materials used.

strugal compact

Meeting Technical Building Code requirements, regarding "Noise Protection", "Energy Saving and Thermal Insulation" and "Hygiene, Health and Environmental Protection", we have evaluated this series of compact box cover in the STRUGAL Innovation Centre laboratory.

Recommended for new buildings, renewals and rehabilitations, always guaranteeing the highest levels of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Wide range of possibilities converting every project into a reality.

Depending on the configuration, the system STRUGAL COMPACT allows the options bellow:


Strugal Compact Finishings

A complete service that makes Strugal the own manufacturer which assures a total finishing uniformity between covers boxes, blinds and carpentry.

strugal compact

  • Innovate Design Headstock Patent incorporating lateral lid trim with the same finishing for both compact and carpentry.
  • Bottom Lid Trim designed to harmonize with the overall finish.
  • STRUGAL provides also the main accessories painted to achieve a uniform finishing.


Air Vent System

Integrating the aerator as part of the cover boxes we respect DB-HS3 from CTE, which stipulates that the aerators should be arranged at a distance superior of 1.8m. from the ground.

  • The aerator has an effective area of 10 cm2 per 100 cm., which allows a flow rate of 2.5l/s. for every 10 cms.
  • Accordinge to EN779, our aerator filters 85% of foreign particles
  • Also it meets CTE requirements in acoustic insulationby incorporating acoustic attenuators.

strugal compact


Automation Systems

STRUGAL Systems are made to incorporate a lot of automation systems coordinated in any type of home, office, hotel, etc.

Maximum performance, state of art technologies, the most practical and innovative design.

  • Radiocontrol
  • Control units
  • Sensors
  • Time switches
  • Accessories to enhance safety and comfort.

strugal compact


Mosquito net

mosquitera compacto

STRUGAL offers the possibility to incorporate into all its systems different kinds of mosquito net:

  • Roller Mosquito net vertical
  • Slide Mosquito net
  • Fixed Mosquito net
  • Pleating Mosquito net

All mosquito net systems offer the possibilities below:

  • Guide against wind to prevent mesh escape
  • Barke backstop
  • Ceiling and wall fixing
  • Adjustable closing
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Reinforced stitching

All mosquito systems are available in the same finish as the carpentry having the possibility to choose from a variety of weavings made from the finest materials to ensure the highest quality.